The Relationship between Meaning and Performance

by Roy Tan

Are you encountering challenges in retaining skilled talents? Do you find your workforce getting restless after 3-6months on the job?

Of the clients that I have met lately, 80-85% have shared signs that they are in dire need of talent retention and succession planning.

The new generation of workforce now joins an organization not only because of the benefits, but the main reason is being able to add and see more value through what they do. Because we are in the digital age, leaders now need to take on multiple roles in the organization; what not with the new Y-generation and millennials coming into the organization. Leaders now not only need to manage and anticipate strategic changes, but also play a coaching role to build a collective performing workforce – and this is where the power of meta coaching fits in.

Here is the Meaning-Performance Axes:

When people take on new roles or tasks, they begin with high desire, drive and enthusiasm, wanting to learn and know more. However, they most like are unable to perform, thus being high on the meaning and low in performance.


Now, after a certain period of time, they begin to develop the skills and competencies in their tasks and roles – where they have high meaning to what they do, and being able to perform at their peak. This is when they are at their best – having the drive, productiveness, accountability, motivation and self actualised.


However, being in the same role or task for too long a time, they begin to drop in drive and motivation – but still being able to perform – even with both eyes closed! Here, they become, what I like to call “zombies”. They struggle to get out of bed to go to work, get the job done, and procrastinate on potential improvement and growth activities.


So, what meta coaching does, is we help bridge the gap between meaning and performance – helping the person self actualize – to bring more meaning to what they do, or to bring more performance to their meaning.


This is a never ending cycle – because all humans need growth and development!

Would you like to know how we do it as meta coaches? =)

We must first win the inner game.

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Credit: Sources from Meta Coaching by L.Michael Hall (International Society of Neuro Semantics)

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