‘GROWTH Mind-Set’ Questions for Impactful Presentation

by Teoh C.N. & Roy Tan

Standing on stage and delivering a message is never easy – even with seasoned speakers. There is even a saying that people FEAR public speaking more than they FEAR death! Nonetheless, speaking, presenting yourself and articulating your ideas is crucial in any organisation setting.

When one allows themselves to be heard in the shoes of others, then the communication is accurate; the message gets put across. Here are some pre-presentation questions that can help shed light on how you will be delivering your presentation more effectively.

‘GROWTH Mind-Set’ Questions for Impactful Presentation

  • What are the key points you want to convey?

Keep them short and simple. Are you clear yourself about your message? Or are you disorganised and all over the place?

  • How much does your audience already know?

Knowing who your message recipients and demographics are, will help you prepare information that will add value to to your audience. Redundant information tends to cause distraction, loss of interest and attention.

  • What points will be difficult for people to grasp?

Knowing what they know is one thing, know what they don’t is another. As your audience comes from all kinds of backgrounds, understanding and comprehension levels vary, and as such, prepare your presentation to cater for all levels.

  • If you were in their place, would this presentation help you reach your goals?

Audiences respond the best when they know whats in it for them. Knowing that they will get value that enriches and empowers their life, makes them wanting to understand and listen to you more. Position your presentation from their perspective and how they are able to get the most from you.

  • What can you do to bring it more in line with what your stakeholders are hoping to achieve?

Presentations that impact are presentations that matter. Understand the values of your stakeholders and bring it to their attention of how they can benefit from your presentation. Do this early in your presentation and you will have “hooked” them for the rest of your talk.

Know you have great ideas but unsure of how to deliver them with impact?

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