Meeting Mr. Donnie

I have been in the same chilly room for the past 40 minutes and there is no sign of my client. The time is almost 4.45PM on a Friday afternoon. What should I do? The jam is going to be really bad. Will I be late for my next appointment? I leave or should I wait? I know my client is busy in the other room. At least that is what his assistant said about 20 minutes ago. I need to finalize this deal. It is probably the biggest project in my entire career. I am not even sure whether it is wise to let myself out to ease my bladder. What if my client comes out and decides to see someone else if I am not around?

At that moment, the assistant signalled me to step inside to my client’s room. As Donnie gestured for me to take my seat in front of him, his conversation on the phone caught my attention. He uttered a couple of specifications which was predominantly from my project. To my horror, I was very certain he said that the project I was hoping to close that day was now awarded to the person on the other side of the phone! Donnie put the phone down with a grin on his face and asked me “Are we suppose to meet today?”

“Yes! We are supposed to finalise the details for the branding project” I answered with an air of disappointment.

“I thought said you can’t match the price that I wanted? ” Donnie responded with a slight hint of surprise. “In fact, I just gave the project to the other supplier on the phone” he added.

“Now, are you saying that you agree to the price I wanted? I think there is still time at this moment for me to call the other supplier. I am sure he wouldn’t have typed everything out yet” said Donnie as he looked at me while holding the office phone.

“Yes! I am certain I can meet your pricing and terms” I replied hesitatingly knowing that this would mean my profit would now be only a quarter of what I initially intended to negotiate for.

“Where do I sign then? ” asked Donnie

  1. Did you encounter something similar to my experience above?
  2. Was the waiting in the chilly room deliberate?
  3. Was Donnie really busy that day?
  4. Was the call between Donnie and the other supplier genuine?
  5. Was Donnie a good negotiator?
  6. Did a negotiation take place?

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